Most people are aware that blood chemistry analysis is a tool to help assess a person's health status.  However, many people are not aware that different paradigms exist when viewing health and blood chemistry - conventional medical and wholistic functional views.  Conventional medicine focuses on diagnosis and treatment of disease or suppression of symptoms with drugs or surgery.  While functional practitioners acknowledge this approach when appropriate, they prefer to focus on determining the underlying causes of symptoms and utilize gentler treatments such as dietary and life style changes, nutritional supplements, and botanicals to support healthy functioning and relieve symptoms.  All too often, patients are told that everything is "normal" because the practitioner is unaware of the contributing factors causing blood chemistry abnormality that are found in the outer edges f the normal range.  Wholistic functional blood chemistry practitioners will look at the normal range and se if the values are in the lower, middle (optimal) or upper third of the range.  Each range suggests certain conditions.  For clients with variations from the optimal, this is an excellent method of seeing what is actually occurring in the body.  This allows the practitioner to identify and treat the client's functional and nutritional deficiencies, and to discern between pathological and non-pathological changes.

 A blood draw from a laboratory will be required to do a functional blood chemistry analysis.  All lab fees are to be prepaid and a form will be given to the client to take to the Lab Corp. drawing station.  Some functional testing requires an overnight fast and/or sometimes multiple blood draws.  This will be explained to you prior to leaving our office.

Laboratory fees vary upon type of test.
Report of Findings: $195

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