Wholistic Skin and Body Rejuvenation is based on the methodology of Pluralistic Medicine.  Skin and body rejuvenation is a wholistic approach to help counteract pre-mature aging, decreased quality of life and dis-orders. We have a choice of how we live. These choices can create an environment where we age pre-maturely or not “show our age”.


What is Wholistic Skin and Body Rejuvenation?

It is – Living longer yet not feeling or showing the evidence of our experience.

It is – Realizing our life is half-full, not half-empty after age 59.

It is – Creating a healthy glow that defies chronological age.

It is – Making dietary changes to enhance rejuvenation and prevent inflammation known to accelerate aging processes both inward and outward.

It is – Living wholistically healthier (body, mind & spirit).

It is – Acknowledging that while aging is inevitable, showing and feeling our age is a result of lifestyle choice.

It is – Preserving and rejuvenating mental capacities through diet, mental aerobics, and supplementation that nourish both skin and mind (both requiring the same nourishment).

It is – Remembering that you don’t stop laughing because you age – you age because you stop laughing.


When would I use Wholistic Skin and Body Rejuvenation?

ü     Choosing healthy products for your body and home environment.

ü     Preparing for a baby.

ü     Remodeling your home or office with healthy non-toxic building materials (lights, paint, flooring, furniture, etc.).

ü     Reducing pain and inflammation in your body.

ü     Lowering your body’s toxic load.

ü     Addressing chemical calories.



Office Consultation:            $145 includes up to two (2) hours of consultation.

On Site Consultation:            $145 includes up to two (2) hours of consultation, plus $75 for each additional hour.  Travel time to and from your location will be included in the consultation fee.

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