We are all unique and have individual needs, so should your remedy.

Total Body Analysis (TBA) uses kinesiology as the primary method of evaluation.  Kinesiology is said to be the most accurate tool available to help identify the root cause of a physical problem or health-related complaint.  The information transmitted to and from every cell of your body is done through a complex network call the neurological system.  A practitioner of kinesiology can identify the weak areas of your body by evaluating weak responses from the neurological system.  More importantly, Total Body Analysis can identify the source of a particular symptom of disease.

While the goal of most traditional medicine is to eliminate symptoms, the goal of TBA is to identify the source of the symptom and eliminate the problem at its source.  Furthermore, TBA will identify the most important health issues in your body, first.  As these are identified and treated, the less critical problems are eliminated in the order of importance as specified by the body.  It is like peeling the layers of an onion.  When the outer layers (of more severe health issues) are removed, the inner layers (of less severe health issues) are revealed and can then be identified and treated.

While the TBA program works for everyone the treatment is unique to each person.  The treatment usually consists of one or two custom homeopathic remedies and sometimes a classical homeopathic remedy.  Each remedy acts to balance and support areas of the body identified to be weak or dysfunctional.  It also works as an antidote to toxins that might be inhibiting cellular regeneration.  These compound homeopathic remedies are much more accurate and effective than traditional treatments because they target the source of the problem and in the order of importance as determined by the body.

We are all given a body that is capable of healing itself.  All we have to do is to remove the inhibiting factors.  The reason TBA helps when other programs have failed is because it identifies and eliminates the cause, rather than the symptoms.

Initial Session: $145
Family Package: $120 for each additional family member when scheduled with the primary.
Follow-up Sessions: $90 each.
Three Pack: $250 when prepaid and scheduled.
Six Pack: $475 when prepaid and scheduled.
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