Biological Ionization pH Testing (Ream's Test) is a simple and direct way of measuring your current state of health.  This non-invasive lab analysis allows the practitioner to evaluate your current lifestyle, including the foods that you eat, to determine what types of ailments and disease processes may be taking place in your body.  This technique has been known to indentify potential problems before they manifest themselves as a full-blown diagnosable disease.  The practitioner can then advise the client on the nutritional changes needed to achieve better health.

For instance, if you are deficient in calcium, there are literally dozens of calcium supplements from which to choose.  All calcium supplements are not equal.  Your body can digest and assimilate onnly a small percentage of the choices available at any given time because of the current pH of your body.  If you are just begining your path wellness, certain calcium supplements can be assimilated by the body.  Asyou progress along that path, those original supplements will no longer work for you, but different ones will.  This is why so many people fail to get good results from the supplements purchased over the counter at the local drugstore.  The supplements have to be compatible with what the body can assimilate at any given time.  This is different for different people and it changes over time for each individual.  Periodic Ream's Testing will provide you with the information you need in choosing the supplements that are optimal for you.

To prepare for your visit, you should plan to eat about two (2) hours before your appointment.  Do not eat any food in the 90 minutes prior to your appointment.  Do not drink any beverages including water, or chew gum in the 30 minutes prior to your appointment.
You will be asked to provide a sample of urine and saliva when you arrive.

Initial Consultation:            $145 includes testing.
Retesting:                         $50
Family Package:               $120 for each additional family member if scheduled at same time as primary.
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