Thank you for your inquiry, Bekki Medsker School has been providing the colon hydrotherapy industry access to an online Fundamental Anatomy and Physiology program since 2007.   I have attached the Online Anatomy and Physiology Application/Enrollment Agreement for your review.  This class is a self-paced program and is equivalent to 45 hours in classroom course and is an I-ACT recognized 3 credit hour course.


The course is a fundamental anatomy and physiology course that is an intro level course.  Like any college course you read the chapter, complete the textbook activities, go online to view the chapter review and then take you quizes and exams online.  All quizes and exams are open book and can be taken on your personal computer.  At this time you will not be required to go to a testing center to take the mid-term or final exams.


This online course does not have audio lectures.  This allows the student to take the course at their own pace allowing them not to have to attend a scheduled class. Some of the chapters have animation components that can viewed online to help clarify the textbook and all chapters have a review section for you to practice prior to taking your quizes.   The mid-term exam can be taken after completing Chapter 9 quiz and covers Chapters 1 – 9.  The final exam can be taken after complteing Chapter 19 quiz and covers Chapters 10 – 19.  Remember all exams and quizes are open book and in a multiple choice format.


An important consideration prior to enrolling is you preferred learing style, study habits and available time.   Please consider the following prior to enrolling into any online course:


  • The program requires the student to complete the course in 365 days after you log in.  If you do not complete the course within this time period you will receive a grade of "incomplete".  Once the expiration date has passed the student will have to purchase the program again and start the program over.
  • Are you someone who does better listening to a lecture in a classroom or are you able to read material and apply it?  This program does not have audio lectures and you will read your textbook to obtain the course information.
  • When you were in school and given assignments did you start working on them immediately or just prior to when they were to be turned in? This program has an expiration date.
  • Do you have time to study or will you have to fit in your studying between clients and family obligations?   Prior students have found that trying to take exams in between clients or when they are tired does not work.  They have a tendency to score low on their quizes and exams.
  • How comfortable are you with using a computer?  This program has a Techincal Support number that can be called and they can generally walk you through most problems that may arise. However, your computer operating system needs to be compatible with the Cengage online system for it to work correctly and avoid error issues.




This anatomy and physiology program is a wonderful course that allows anyone interested in learning anatomy and physiology and especially colon hydrotherapists desiring to complete the I-ACT requirement of a post –secondary anatomy and physiology course in the privacy and convenience of their home.  When you are ready to start please mail the attached Application/Enrollment Agreement to the Bekki Medsker School along with your payment.  We accept checks, cashier checks, VISA, MasterCard, and bank wire transfer.  If you choose to use a credit/debit card, please write the card number, expiration date and CVC security code on the bottom of enrollment agreement. 


NOTE: Any student residing outside the continental United States needs to wire transfer funds to our bank account. Students will be provided these instructions upon acceptance into the Bekki Medsker School. 


When we receive your Enrollment Agreement and payment your online access instructions will be emailed to you.  Because you are emailed the Academic Individual Instant Access Code and have immediate access to the online Anatomy and Physiology Online Course your tuition is non-refundable.


If you have any questions please call 843-679-0718.

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